The volunteers of the GMF had the privilege of visiting and working in the
beautiful city of Lvov on two separate occasions.  Work was conducted in
the Regional Hospital and the Hospital for Blood Dycrasias and Splenic
Disease. After two visits to Lvov, we were invited to the City of Ivano
Frankivsk, nestled in the Carpathian Mountains the host cities. Our
cardiothoracic surgeons exchanged skills and techniques with the local
heart surgeons, and there was a significant degree of interest in
Laparoscopic Surgery. Several Ophthalmologists did cataract surgeries
and our eye plastic surgeon also did extensive work. A lady had travelled
for several hundred miles from Kiev to obtain a gastroenterology
consultation. Several high ranking dignitaries also consulted with
our cardiac and general surgeons. Once again these trips were very
gratifying for everybody. The language differences and cultural
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