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By far the largest group of volunteers to date, embarked on a trip to the
City of Arad. Hosted by the Mayor and Commissioner of Police
In this area. This was a memorable mission, with a significant
component being that of technology transfer. The regional Hospitable,
named Spitalul De Aradetan, was clean and inviting and the patients
extremely compliant. It was a pleasure to work with the local Doctors and
Nurses,  Who went out of their way to make our visit as hospitable as
possible. The road trip back to Bucharest, the Capital, for our return to
the US, Led us through Transylvania, home of the legendary and much
feared Count Dracula. We also had the opportunity to visit, a
Medical/Surgical Museum, dedicated to the great Urologist, Dr. Dimitrie
Gerota, who also introduced Radiology to Bucharest and Romania.
Bucaresti as Pronounced in Romanian is a city of great beauty,
resembling Paris. It also has the largest gypsy population in Europe. The
gypsies are reputed to have originated in India and migrated to Europe.
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