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Equally palpable though is the obvious realities of the people’s lives,
devoid of the basic necessities of life, especially Health Care. Aside from
rendering Medical and Surgical Services, an important commitment is
the establishment of an educational relationship with St. Mary’s
University in Byambong, Nuevo Vizcaya, College of Nursing. Through
health Education and effective leadership, giving lectures on various
topics, establishing a Medical Clinic staffed by Nursing students with the
cooperation of the Local people. As an example, approximately 1500
people were treated in one year. This was an area devastated.  By
mudslides triggered by a typhoon that struck this inland province. Several
of the rural barrios were totally devastated with loss of lives And
livelihood. Where once stood verdant rice fields, now stood total
devastation, with a barren landscape.  The Foundation delivered a
quarter million meals, to these people. An eight foot by ten foot shipping
container brought in medicines, supplies And equipment to this area.  A
vast array of surgical procedures were also conducted during the many
visits to this country, of happy and joyous people, involving Manila, Cebu
and the Province of Nuevo Vizcaya. Didactic lectures were given by the
visiting Doctors and Nurses, in addition to Hands on training for
Residents/Post Graduates in Surgery of Pamantasan University in
Manila. All these Missions, were led by Dr. Christopher Guererro.
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