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A Medical/Surgical/Humanitarian Mission is scheduled to leave
the United States on Friday April 3, 2015, the Mission/Camp will be
held in Kathmandu and will extend through 04/10/2015. The post
Mission trip is planned to include Pokhara followed by a journey to
Lhasa Tibet, we plan to visit clinics everywhere we go. The entire
trip will last for approximately two weeks. The cost of this trip
inclusive of air-fares and Hotels from the US to Kathmandu and
back is around $2000.00, the additional cost to Pokhara & Lhasa
will be approximately $1000.00. we will return to the US on
04/16/15 or 04/17/15.  Participants, for all trips are being
requested to contribute $250.00, to the GMF for expenses which
will be incurred on the Missions. In addition a commitment fee of
$300.00 is required of all participants which will be credited to
each and everyone from the total cost. This is to ensure that
people who sign up will actually travel with the group and not opt
out at the last moment, which creates gigantic logistics
nightmares for the organizers.  Our liaison for this trip is Mr. K.C.
Nabaraj (Raj), who is a Nepalese businessman in New York City.
This trip is likely to fill up quickly, so please make your
reservations with me or Michi at your earliest. Visa's for Nepal are
obtained at the Airport on Arrival in Kathmandu, Visa's to Tibet
require special permits from the Chinese Government thru the
Tibetan Authority for this visit. we are hoping to travel to the Everest
Base Camp North, but these arrangements are still pending.
We require all Surgical Specialties, Medical Specialties, Primary
Care Doctors, Gynecologists, Nurses, and support personnel.
This is the initial communication, many more will be sent to those
who plan to come as and when we become aware of various
Nepal & Tibet  Mission
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