Dr. Alemayehu Bekele and Dr. Mohammed Siddiqui, both General
surgeons were invited by Professor. Mitiku Belachew, from Belgium, to
participate in a surgical workshop, in the beautiful oasis of Errachidia.
Our hosts were the Governor of this Province and the Directors of the
Regional Hospital. Errachidia is located in the Western Sahara,
bordered by Algeria on the East. The city is built on the banks of the
Ziz river with the towering Atlas Mountains on one side, Engulfed all
around with the vast, mysterious and absolutely beautiful Sahara desert.
The group was also joined by many fine surgeons and
Anesthesiologists from Marrakesh. Different types of Surgical
procedures were Carried out here, including treating patients with large
Hydatid Cyst disease which is endemic here. Also seen were young
people with cataracts in their eyes, due to the lack of adequate
sunglass protection. This was truly a memorable trip, where the local
people spoke French and we spoke English, but nevertheless got along
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