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The mission to Mandya, which is a town in the south Indian state of
Karnataka, commenced in June 2014.  IT was five day mission based in
Mandya base hospital.  The group consisted of doctors largely from the
United States of America and from Australia.  Mandya hospital had 2
operating theatres.  Resources were scarce and we were fortunate to be
able to provide a laparoscopic tower for the duration of our time there.  
Surgeons on the mission perfomed teh first laparoscopic prodedure in
the hospital.  Numerous operation were performed including
laparoscopic cholecystectomies, appendectomies, hernia repairs and
also many open procedures.  Approximantely 60 operations were
performed during the mission.  BOth the overseas doctors and the local
specialists were grateful for the assistnace received from each other.  
The non-surgical team and the humanitairan volunteers travelled to local
villages around Mandya.  They observerd how the primary health
services adn teh Angawadi, which is equivalent to the early childhood
learning programs, were administered.  Meals were provieded on site to
the children as this was considered an incetive for poorer families to
send their children to such centers.  A number of schools in the area
were visited and education provided with regards to hygiene and health
care.  Books were distributed to children at a local school.  Overall from a
personal and humanitarian perspective, all volunteers felf very satified
that the objective of the mission had been met.
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