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This mission was undertaken in November of 2008, funded by a
charitable group called Our Chance International, led by Dr. Robert
Weiss And Dr. Osvaldo Lopez. The dedicated professionals were able to
provide eyesight, the most precious gift to the local Ghanaians. The team
Travelled back and forth, from the Military Hospital in Accra to the Central
Regional Hospital on the Cape Coast. Some patients were actually
Flown in to Chicago, for complex Ophthalmologic procedures. The camp
also attracted refugees from the Liberian camps about an hour away
From Accra. In addition to providing Medical treatment, supplies and
equipment. The Chicago Bulls administration, donated Tee shirts and
Baseball caps, which was a source of great joy to the local people. In
addition dozens of tooth brushes were donated by Dr. Eli Lawrence, a
dentist from Chicago.
Ghana Mission
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