The aim of this surgical mission was three fold. The first aim was to
provide free humanitarian surgical service to the indigent population in
specialities that is not currently available at the hospital such as Plastic
surgery for burn victims as well as gynecological, laparoscopic and
general surgeries. These were assisted by three experienced
Anesthesiologists and support groups. All volunteer physicians were
board certified. The team performed 60 major cases under general
anesthesia. The  total number includes procedures done at Grarbet
Tehadeso Maheber hospital were our volunteers also went. We could
have operated on more patients if there were not unnecessary delays in
the first three days because of shortage of washed drapes caused by the
laundry department. Part of the delays was also due to the inadequate  
sterilizing equipment since the one sterilizing equipment works one at a
time and takes 2 hours.  The hospital administration is aware of these
problems and will hopefully remedy it soon. The second aim of the
medical mission was knowledge exchange by operating with the local
surgeons on plastic and skin grafting procedures, laparoscopic
gallbladder and appendix procedures, gynecological as well as ENT
procedures like tonsillectomies with suction cautery in a bloodless and
suture less procedure. The third objective of the volunteer team was to
build the capacity of the hospital by donating surgical equipments and
supplies that are currently lacking at the hospital.  
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