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Recently a group of 23 volunteers visited Ethiopia on a medical and
surgical mission which was conducted by Global Medical Foundation.
Ethiopia is situated in the horn of Africa. There official language is
Amharic and they follow the Julian calendar which has 12 months of 30
days and 5 or 6 days in the 13th month and this leaves them about 7
years behind from the Gregorian calendar we are used to. The main
occupation is agriculture and more than 50% of Ethiopians live in
poverty. Ethiopia is one of the oldest known places in history. Our
mission was in Butajira, a village about 130 kms south of the capital
Addis Ababa. It was about a 3 hour road trip and was picturesque. The
landscape was rugged with mountains and dry land and scattered
acacia trees. Vehicles and villagers herding donkeys and cows with hay
on their backs and children waving at passing vehicles shared the
highway. There were markets where animals are traded alongside these
highways. This had a very similar feel to India. There were plenty of
bajaj’s on the road or auto rickshaws as one would call it in India and
horse drawn carts. I found the Ethiopians to be very friendly and humble.
The Butajira Zonal Hospital which was our base had very basic facilities.
Hats off to the doctors and staff who are doing a wonderful job with
limited resources. The waiting area in the hospital for patients was a
makeshift canopy outside and although a public hospital, patients were
expected to pay for the consultations and medications.  
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