A group of volunteers travelled to the city of Cochabamba, nestled in the
Andes Mountains, led by dr. Raul Saavedra of Chicago. This again
afforded us the opportunity to work with the local professionals, to serve
the local population. The patients were people of the Kechua Indian
Tribes , who lived in the Andes Mountains. Dressed in extremely colorful
waist-coats, with braided hair and bowler hats. Gall Bladder disease
was endemic in this area. On the way back we were able to see The
Mountain of Machu Peechu, in Peru, which is still surrounded y much
mystery, as the common belief, is that This place was built by extra-
terrestrial beings.  Changing planes in Lima ,Peru, made us all
breathless, because of the extremely rarified atmosphere Because of the
elevation of this city requiring us to consume “ matte de coca” tea made
from coca leaves to relief the shortness of breath, supplied free by the
airport authorities.
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