Michiyo (also known as Michi) Watanabe's native
tongue is Japanese. After moving to California with
her family, she has mastered the English
language and earned a bachelor of science
degree in interior design from Woodbury
University. She had a career, specializing in office
design where she has learned to handle complex
logistics using her creativity.  Her life changed
when the President of Global Medical Foundation,
Dr. Mohammed Siddiqui moved across the street
and asked her to be the coordinator for GMF.
Global Medical Foundation
Our Mission
Serving the underprivileged
and underserved peoples of
the world.
A perfect fit for all the experience she had in coordination. Then one day
she relized that her lifetime dream came true, that of traveling overseas
with doctors!!

She is an award winning photographer, and helps to raise funds for GMF
by selling her photographs. She has transcribed children's books into
Braille through Twin Vision. She enjoys Astrology, Feng Shui, Rock
hounding, newspaper comics, advanced spider solitaire, Deep sea and
fresh water Fishing with her husband, Jim. Michi was sent on this earth to
teach, and not to work out her karma as most people must do. Her
classroom is the world.
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